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Tecplot Add-on: Edit Auxiliary Data

This user-contributed add-on is unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

(Please e-mail support@tecplot.com if you have an add-on you'd like to share or link to.)

This add-on lets one edit auxilary data, journaling the results into the saved layout file. It leverages functionality built into the Tecplot 360 2008 and Tecplot Focus 2008 products.
  • Written by: Ben Medina-Orton
  • Compatible with: Tecplot 360 2008, Tecplot Focus 2008
  • Known Limitations:
    1. This functionality is included in Tecplot 360/Focus 2009.
    2. Separate versions are available for Tecplot 2008 Release 2 and Tecplot 2008 Release 1, please see below!
    3. Data is journaled to layout and packaged layout files. However, the recipient of those files will need the add-on to view the results.
  • Instructions:
    1. Download the appropriate zip file below
    2. Extract its contents.
    3. Linux: Copy the .so into your $TEC_360_2008/lib or $TEC_FOCUS_2008/lib directory

      Windows users: copy the .dll into your $TEC_360_2008/bin or $TEC_FOCUS_2008/bin directory
    4. Edit your tecplot.add file and append this line:
      $!LoadAddon "editauxdata"
    5. Start Tecplot
    6. An "Auxiliary Data" option will appear in the Data menu option:

    7. Select the menu option and you'll be presented with a dialog to view, add and delete auxilary data at various levels (Zone, Variables, Frame, etc.)

      For example, here's some data we're adding at the zone level.

      Auxiliary data can also be viewed in the Data -> Data Set Info dialog:

      Data will be journaled to layout and packaged layout files. Here's an example:
      $!EXTENDEDCOMMAND COMMANDPROCESSORID = 'Aux Data Editor' COMMAND = 'Add Name=Ben Value="Is Awesome" Location=Zone LocationIndex=1'
  • Files: (right-click and save)
    Note: there are separate versions for Tecplot 2008 releases 1 and 2!
    Tecplot 360 2008/Focus 2008 Release 2 (September 2008):
    Linux users: if in doubt, look in $TEC_360_2008/lib/ext or $TEC_FOCUS_2008/lib/ext for the specific build name (e.g., linux.26)

    Tecplot 360 2008/Focus 2008 (December 2007):
    Linux users: if in doubt, look in $TEC_360_2008/lib/ext or $TEC_FOCUS_2008/lib/ext for the specific build name (e.g., linux.26)
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