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Tecplot Add-on: Radial slice

This user-contributed add-on is unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

(Please e-mail support@tecplot.com if you have an add-on you'd like to share or link to.)

This is an add-on to make it easier to do slices around a constant radius of a data set mapped to cartesian coordinates. It uses Tecplot's iso-surfaces.

  • Written by: Scott Fowler
  • Compatible with: Tecplot 360/Focus 2009 R2 or newer
  • Macro Language: None.
  • Known Limitations: There is no macro language
  • Binary version is currently available only for Windows 64-bit. Source is provided. If someone wants to compile it for another platform, I'll upload it here.
  • Calculates Radius and Theta variables, which dirties the data, forcing the data to be saved in Tecplot format. The calculation of Radius and Theta variables may be time consuming for large datasets or transient data with many time steps.
  • Takes over Iso-Surface Groups 7 & 8, so if they.re in use, they.ll get clobbered. . No macro language, therefore no scripting capabilities.
  • Theta Slices may show a "ghost" slice. In the plots below Theta is set to ~Pi/2. We see two slices because we are using an Iso-Surface to approximate the slicing behavior. The drawing of iso-surfaces interpolates values across the cell. In this case all values of Theta exist across the cell at the top of the plot. So you will see a "ghost" Theta slice. Similarly the Theta slice will not extend all the way to the origin.
  1. Download the zip file. Extract it.
  2. Windows 64-bit: Move the shared library to the Tecplot "bin" directory.
  3. Add this line to your tecplot.add file:
    $!LoadAddon "radialslice"
  4. Start Tecplot
  5. The option is available under the "Tools → R/Theta Slice" menu:
  6. Adjust Central Axis and Origin as needed. Use the sliders to adjust the Radius and Theta positions of the slice. These .slices. are actually iso-surfaces and take over iso-surface groups 7 & 8 in Tecplot 360.
  7. Style, visibility and details of the "slice" are adjusted via the Iso-Surface details dialog under groups 7 and 8:
File: (right-click and save)
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