Tecplot Add-on: Compute Eigenvalues of a Tensor

This user-contributed add-on is unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

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In Contours Issue 39, Scott Imlay talked about computing lambda2 in Tecplot 360. This is the add-on he developed.
  • Written by: Scott Imlay, Ph.D.
  • Compatible with: Tecplot 360 2006, Release 2, Tecplot 360 2008 Release 2
    Note: This is included with Tecplot 360 2009.
  • Macro Language: none
  • Known Limitations: There are different versions for Tecplot 360 2008R2 or newer. (The add-on will be standard in Tecplot 360 2009. If you would like to try this release, please contact Jim.)
    Please post feedback to the forums.
  1. Download the add-on and save it in /bin
  2. Edit your tecplot.add file and append this line:
    $!LoadAddon "tensoregn"
  3. Start Tecplot
  4. An item is added to the Tools menu 'Tensor Eigensystem'
Files: (right-click and save)
Tecplot 360 2008 R2: (September 2008) Windows 32-bit, 64-bit

Tecplot 360 2006 R2: