How to load only last zone

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How to load only last zone

Postby Carl » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:25 am


I am using tecplot360 2013R1 to interpolate data between 2 meshes. I have this automated using a tecplot macro. I want to load only the last zone, in the case below this is zone 127. The number of zones varies between data sets. Is ther any way to load either all zones or only the last zone without knowing how may zones are in the model?

When i looked up the ZoneList variable in the scripting mannual it seemed like there might not be a way, but this seems very limiting and i suspect others have worked out how to get around this.

Code: Select all

#!MC 1400
# Created by Tecplot 360 build
$!VarSet |MFBD| = '/data2/carl/APC/Cycle_Inc_Fill/427_Prototype/38591.master.carl_V2_Model'
$!READDATASET  '"STANDARDSYNTAX" "1.0" "FILENAME_File" "/data2/carl/APC/Cycle_Inc_Fill/427_Prototype/38591.master.carl_V2_Model/427_Proto_Fill_G_CAPTIN_V2_cyc_1.fil" "ZoneList" "127" "VarNameList" "Temperature" "InitialPlotType" "Cartesian3D" "ShowFirstZoneOnly" "No"'
$!RemoveVar |MFBD|

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