HDF5 Loader File Loader Dialog Suffixes

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HDF5 Loader File Loader Dialog Suffixes

Postby lynchkp » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:23 am


I am loving using the HDF5 loader in Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R2, it is working great for me. However, I am wondering if it is possible to have the filters on the select file dialog include more than just "(*h5)". My analysis programs add additional letters to the suffix to specify different data inside of the file, i.e., '.h5v' for vector fields and '.h5i' for image data.

Could the filter be specified then as (*.h5*) or including an "All files (*.*)" option?

As a second point, I notice that it says "Selected files", however, the dialog box only allows for a single file selection.

If its helpful, I'm also very familiar with the hdf5 library and qt so I don't mind compiling the addon if needed and providing it back to the developers.


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