drawing 3D multi block domain in tecplot

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drawing 3D multi block domain in tecplot

Postby ocka » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:10 am

I'd like to draw a 3 dimentional domain included multi block (layer/sections/zone) in tecplot.
The domain is included 3 blocks(layer/zones/section) . the meshes are Cartesian and number of nodes in each block (layer/zones/section) are different from another. for example the first block(layer/zones/section) has nx1*ny1*nz1 nodes, the second one has nx2*ny2*nz2 and the 3th one has nx3*ny3*nz3 nodes.
A picture is attached to clarify the multi-block domain mean.

how can I draw it in tecplot?
I'm waiting for your helps and tank you in advance.
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