How to combine cell centered and node centered data?

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How to combine cell centered and node centered data?

Postby jaydi_31 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:36 pm

I have a finite volume mesh, which I already was able to plot using the finite element capability of tecplot. However, my results are cell centered and I just have not found a way to merge my cell centered values with the mesh I already have plotted. I tried adding a new zone at the end of the file, I told tecplot that I wanted to share variables 1 and 2 (these are the coordinates for the nodes, since the mesh is the same), from zone 1, and the connectivity list. But tecplot just tells me that the variables are not compatible for sharing and I just don't know why. In my zone 1 data, which I loeaded without any issues, I have just the coordinates and the connectivity list. Then for the zone 2 data, I have the values of the variables I'm trying to plot, on a cell centered basis, that means I have as many data as the number of elements I have. How can I achieve this!?

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