Extracting Streamtrace Information

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Extracting Streamtrace Information

Postby mmohaqeqf » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:05 pm

Hello Everyone,

A simple steady-state 3-D rectangular pipe flow has been simulated in Ansys (Fluent) v.18.1 with a velocity inlet and a pressure outlet, with some known fluid properties. The result is found to be agreeing with the typical flow behavior (velocity and pressure values agree with theoretical results).

We would like to export the Fluent results in Tecplot 360 EX 2017 R3 to get some information about the streamlines in our fluid domain. However, we are facing some issues doing that. Here is the story;

When we export the results as PLT file extension in Fluent, and import it in Tecplot, we can generate the streamtraces using "volume line" and inlet plane as the seeding source (the # of streamtraces are then shown in the "streamtrace detail" window), but we would not be able to graphically visualize them and also we would get error when we wan to extract the streamtraces (error: "No Streamtraces Were Extracted").

Then, we tried to use the Fluent case and data files in Tecplot directly. When we import the case and data files (Fluent native files), we would be able to generate and graphically show the streamtraces in our domain (using "volume line" and inlet plane as the seeding source, again) and we can successfully also extract them as individual zones, but the problem is that we only get location variables (i.e. X, Y and Z) when we want to "Write Data as Formatted Text". We need to be able to also save other variables like strain rate, pressure, or any other user defined variables for each streamtrace.


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