Extracting radial slice of Cylindrical mesh

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Extracting radial slice of Cylindrical mesh

Postby DMonk » Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:24 pm

I am trying to view or extract a radial slice, or a slice on a constant radial plane, of a full annulus turbomachinery bladerow. I have seen the posts for the Add-on called "radialslice" and attempted to install this add-on. However, this add-on failed when Tecplot tried to load it (I have Tecplot 360 EX 2014 R1). Looking in the manual for this Tecplot release, it says that add-ons from prior Tecplot versions prior to Tecplot 360 EX 2014 R1 will not work with this version. Has anyone developed an updated add-on for this functionality?



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