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Outputting separate zones for each surface?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:23 pm
by Scott Rumage
A code developer asks a question on exporting a Tecplot format:

The first question that I have is with regard to sending the model geometry to Tecplot. Is it best to send this as separate zones for each surface? We have tessellation data for each of the surfaces, so that would be easy to do. Similarly for edge data, the user could then just suppress zones to hide different surfaces or hide the shaded geometry and only view edges, etc.

A Tecplot developer responds:

As your question implies, the main reason to use separate zones for the surfaces is so that the user has the ability to disable or apply style to each surface individually. Using separate zones gives the end-user more flexibility, but introduces some complexity, as the user has to understand what the additional zones represent. It's up to you whether the additional flexibility warrants the complexity.

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