tecplot 360 on Toorox Linux

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tecplot 360 on Toorox Linux

Postby hadian » Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:05 pm

i want to install tecplot 360 on Toorox Linux ( a gentoo based Linux). when i install tec360 and its licence and run it, i get an error about licence wich says:

Code: Select all

LIcensing Error:
    Hostid doesn't match license.
More Information:
License File: /opt/tec360/bin../tecplotlm.lic
Flex licensing error code: -9,57

i followed the same procedure on ubnuntu, frdora and another Gentto based distro (Calculate Linux) and it works fine. but on this distro it result to the above error. should i install a package or configure other files?

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