Installation of tecplot360 in ubuntu 10.04

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Installation of tecplot360 in ubuntu 10.04

Postby pramodrao1984 » Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:00 pm

Hi friends,
I am new to this forum, today I installed tecplot360 as guided for linux users in "tecplot.360 2011 Installation Guide"

but I am facing some errors as shown below

pramod@pramod:~$ cd OpenFOAM/linux/
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM/linux$ ls
360 lmonly setup
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM/linux$ cd ..
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM$ cd tecplot/
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM/tecplot$ cd bin/
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM/tecplot/bin$ ls
changeword ffmpeg LaunchBrowser polygrid tec360
concatps framer lpkview preplot
extarglist mesa rlmutil tecplot.shared
extemplate gsv pltview rmtoavi
pramod@pramod:~/OpenFOAM/tecplot/bin$ tec360
tec360: command not found

before this... in installation guide they have told to update ./bash_profile (for BASH) by adding following 4 lines :

export TEC_360_2011=/usr/tec360_2011
...{pre-existing code}...
export PATH=$TEC_360_2011/bin:$PATH
export 360_USER = %new-location%

since I dont have .bash_profile (gediting file)..I have .bash file I was not able to add these lines aswell

is there anyother methodology to install tecplot...
can anyone familiar with tecplot help me to solve my problem.. as its very necessary for validating,

Thanks in advance,
Pramod Rao,

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Re: Installation of tecplot360 in ubuntu 10.04

Postby aritzmann » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:30 am


First of all, I am surprised that you do not have a .bash_profile in your home directory, since that is a standard file for users of bash, but it is possible to work around this difficulty.

The simplest way to start tecplot for you is to simply specify the home directory on the command line.

~/OpenFOAM/tecplot/bin/tec360 -h ~/OpenFOAM/tecplot

will execute tecplot. For further use, it is best to look at your home directory and see if you have a .bashrc file.

ls -a ~

will tell you whether you have these different files. In that case, you can place the commands in either the .bashrc or .bash_profile

I hope this resolves your problem.

Andrew Ritzmann

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