Loading .cdat Fluent transient files

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Loading .cdat Fluent transient files

Postby dvtxc » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:41 am


I've got a question regarding the import of Fluent .dat files. I've run a large transient simulation in Fluent with an automated export to so-called "cfd-post compatible data". This means that Fluent has produced a number of name-xxxx.cas and name-xxxx.cdat files. However, TecPlot doesn't seem to be able to read this stream and gives a message that this is an unsupported file type. .cdat is a reduced .dat file to save space with large transient data amounts.

I have tried to just rename the file to dat. Although the file is loaded in TecPlot, there are no data variables anymore. Only x, y and z position.

I have tried to import the cdat file in Fluent and export it as a normal dat file, and load this into TecPlot: this rendered the file useless as well.

Is there any way to import this .cdat transient data in TecPlot?

If possible, it would be really nice to have some quick reply on this issue. I'm already getting afraid that I will have to rerun the entire simulation.

Kind regards.

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