Question of layout file of contours with triangulation involved

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Question of layout file of contours with triangulation involved

Postby xinmude » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:35 pm

Hi, All:

When I have an ordinary 2D data file (X-Y), my_2D.dat, and make a plot and save the layout file as my_2D.lay, I can change the content of my_2D.dat and reopen the same layout file, my_2D.lay, to make a new plot, which is quite easy.

However, when I need to make a 2D contour plot, like a temperature field as a function of X and Y from my data file, temp.dat, I need to triangulate the data and, then, when I save the layout file, I need to first save the triangulated data into a .plt file, say temp_triangulation.plt, and the saved layout file will later call for the temp_triangulation.plt file instead of my original temp.dat file.

So how am I supposed to use the saved layout file for a new temp.dat file? Or is the layout file for a contour useless for a changed data file? Do I have to upload the new data file and go through the triangulation process again?

Thank you,


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