How to load a particular data format to creat 3D plot?

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How to load a particular data format to creat 3D plot?

Postby zhkhan » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:27 am

I am trying to plot 3D some data which I got from a 3D plot. This particular data is in the following format,

7.142857142857143e-7 2.4999999999999998e-6 2.499990137067379e-6
0.7142863265306121 2.4999999999999998e-6 -4.104226440936775e-8
1.42857193877551 2.4999999999999998e-6 -5.0137227989159355e-14
2.1428575510204078 2.4999999999999998e-6 -7.902973622521831e-15
2.8571431632653055 2.4999999999999998e-6 1.6755245666319694e-16
3.571428775510203 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
4.285714387755101 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
4.999999999999999 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
5.714285612244897 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
6.428571224489795 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
7.142856836734692 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
7.85714244897959 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
8.571428061224488 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.
9.285713673469386 2.4999999999999998e-6 0.

The rest of the complete file can be downloaded from here.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction?

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