Interpolation: source zones unavailable

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Interpolation: source zones unavailable

Postby SDAC » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:45 am


I want to use linear interpolation to interpolate coarse mesh data onto fine mesh data using linear interpolation. Following this video ( ... ng-meshes/) the method is:

1) Create new zone of the finer mesh for interpolation (Data > Create Zone > Duplicate>...)
2) Interpolate data from the coarse mesh ( Data > Interpolation > Linear Interpolation >...)

The problem is when the only the source zones available are the different time-steps for the active frame and not the time-steps of the others i.e. I want to interpolate the data for the final time step on frame A onto frame B, however when selecting frame B only the zones available for frame B are shown. The frames are linked via Frame Linking.

The above link shows how two different meshes can be interpolated onto each other where the meshes are in different frames, so it's possible. When the interpolation menu item is chosen in the example it only shows a single zone for each frame however where I see all the zones for one frame. Also, the frame for interpolation is labelled as "combined mesh" - I had assumed this meant this contained the interpolated result, but is it necessary to combine the two result files (somehow?) before interpolation?

Appreciate any guidance on this!

Many thanks.

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Re: Interpolation: source zones unavailable

Postby Svetlana » Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:50 pm

Can you do the interpolation in frame A, and create frame B after the interpolation is complete?

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