Comparison with reference data showing variability

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Comparison with reference data showing variability

Postby asl » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:44 am


I would like to compare my results - 1D profile of velocity, etc. - with some reference data. However, that reference data is a set of many simulation results. So, I though of calculating the average and variance of the data and showing a black line with the average over a grey region denoting the variance (as in the attached file).

However, I do not know how to plot the grey region with the variance. I think I can do a XY line over a 2D contour (in another frame), where the 2D contour would be the variance, or create a geometry for the grey region. Both seem overkill to me.

Error bars are not a good choice because I would have many of then. Of course, if there is no better solution, I can plot only a few.

Thanks for your help.
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