How to let Tecplot 360 EX show only one kind of files?

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How to let Tecplot 360 EX show only one kind of files?

Postby xinmude » Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:47 pm

Hi, All:

I am using Tecplot 360 EX 2017 R2 on a macOS High Sierra V10.13.4.

When I need to open a LAY file, load a DAT file, or run an MCR file, all kinds of files show up in the file list window. Although each file of the kind I need are preceded with a highlighted Tecplot logo, the number of files in the current working directory can still be too large, and it is a time-consuming process to pin point the file I need.

I can opt for the list to show by "Kind" instead of "Name", then each grouped kind is no longer in alphabetical order, which makes it difficult to locate the file I am looking for.

Is there a way for Tecplot to show only the "kind" of files you are looking for in the list? Or at least, when the file list goes by "Kind", each grouped kind are still in ALPHABETICAL order?

Thank you,


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